The 2nd task force meeting of embedding

The second meeting of the EUSDR Task Force (EMB–DR) and EUSDR National Coordinators for embedding (linking the priorities of the Danube Strategy with financial instruments in the future programming period) took place in Brussels on February 20th, 2020, during the first edition of the EU Macro-Regional Strategies Week. The key players of EUSDR declared their commitment to the process of embedding Danube Strategy in the future programmes of the Cohesion Policy 2021-2027. A two fold objective is in view, covering both strategic and operational coordination for common denominators. A macro-regional strategy is a practical tool for economic development and considering the objectives of the Cohesion Policy, all programmes, regardless the financial instruments they are funded from, should contribute to supporting both EU and non-EU countries.

The 2nd Meeting of EUSDR Task Force (EMB–DR) & National Coordinators for Embedding of the EUSDR into EU Programmes was closed by the EC/DG REGIO highlighting the common denominators of all four macro-regional strategies:

  1. Embedding, which is highly relevant, and synergies shall be developed
  2. Structural embedding, as the recognition of MRS importance is urgent, and ERDF offers new opportunities for MRS.
  3. Twinning between EUSDR and funding programmes is important following the initial steps of revising the EUSDR Action Plan.