Croatian representatives at the 4th Baden-Württemberg Bioeconomy Days

Representatives of the Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, together with representatives of the Ministry of the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts and the Ministry of Agriculture, participated in the 4th Bioeconomy Days of Baden-Württemberg on 27 and 28 November 2019 - one of the most important bioeconomic events with focus on the subject of materialization of agricultural flows and the possibility of diversification of biogas plants.

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On the first day, visits to research laboratories, biogas plants, and bioreactors were organized for all participants to present examples of good practice in the field of bioeconomics. The visit was followed by a reception organized by Baden-Württemberg Secretary of State Schutz and Secretary of State Gurr-Hirsch, at which the Croatian Secretary of State Mikluš Žigman, among other things, stated that Croatia successfully co-coordinates the Priority Area 8 of the Danube Strategy since 2011, and emphasized that by fostering co-operation and exchange of experience between companies, scientific institutions and the public sector, the Republic of Croatia has succeeded in increasing the competitiveness and enhancing the ability of SMEs in the Danube Region. She also emphasized that one of the links between the cooperation of scientific institutions and the economy is precisely the area of bioeconomy where the special focus needs to be placed to facilitate the formation of successful transnational value chains.

On the second day of the event, a conference was held as part of 4th Bioeconomy days of the Baden-Württemberg, at which State Secretary Mikuš Žigman underlined the importance of the Croatian and German partnerships in coordinating Priority Area 8 of the Danube Strategy and emphasized that the current Croatian Presidency of the Danube Region is a good platform to develop the importance of participating in transnational projects dealing with bioeconomics. As the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts participated in the DanuBiovalnet project, which aimed to find new and better ways to develop and implement modern regional economic development policies based on clusters, and the creation of new industrial value chains and sectors in the bio economy, the State Secretary announced continuation of participation in projects, activities, and processes that foster the development of competitiveness.

Picture source: 4_biooekonomietag_zigman2©biopro