EUSDR National Coordinators meeting

EUSDR National Coordinators met with representatives of DG REGIO and the Danube Transnational Programme from 21st to 22nd November 2019 in Zagreb. Main points on their agenda included the plans of the Croatian EUSDR Presidency for 2020, the embedding of the Strategy into mainstream programmes in the upcoming EU funding period 2021-2027 and, of course, the finalisation of the new EUSDR Action Plan.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Nikolina Klaić, Secretary of State within the Croatian Government, underlines the fact that the Croatian Presidency of the EUSDR (HR PCY) is to continue the work of the previous presidencies and appreciates that self-reflection on strategy level is mirrored in the theme of the HR presidency – “EUSDR 10 years later”. The HR PCY will overlap with the Presidency of the EU Council. The main priority of the HR PCY is to encourage cooperation in a structured manner and build trust, strengthen political support, improve governance mechanisms and facilitate the access to finance.

HR PCY introduces the central theme of the HR Presidency – “EUSDR 10 years later” and underlines the fact that the current HR PCY intends to support the implementation of the Action Plan through the creation of a functional tool, which will help to implement the key priorities of the new Action Plan.

The envisaged calendar is presented in the brochure of the HR PCY disseminated to all participants.